How to Determine the Right Table Size
Come scegliere le misure del tavolo

Determining the Perfect Measurements for Your Wood and Resin Table

A table is one of the most important pieces of furniture in the house. It is where we eat, drink, laugh, and create many precious moments. When choosing a table for your dining room or kitchen, it is crucial to make a careful selection.
In addition to considering the design, it is crucial to measure the space correctly where the new table will fit. Here are some simple tips you should follow to make the right choice

Which Kitchen Table Shape is the Right One?

To choose the appropriate shape for a wooden and resin kitchen table, you should consider the shape of the room where the table will be placed. For long and narrow spaces, a rectangular table is recommended, while for particularly large rooms, a square or round table is suggested.

A round table is the best solution for saving space and creating an open environment.

When purchasing a table, it is essential to determine the most suitable dimensions. To select the right size, calculate a width of 24” (60cm) per person, which provides comfortable seating space.

How Much Space Should be Allocated for the Table?

Before purchasing an epoxy table, it is important to calculate the dimensions of the table and the size of the room. A depth of 16” (40cm) per person is ideal for comfortable dining. There should be at least 24” (60cm) of space between seats to allow for easy movement.

If the table is located near a wall or in a passageway, it is important to consider that a person needs at least 24” (60cm) to comfortably stand up. Therefore, it is necessary to allocate enough space so that others do not have to stand up as well. Please note that when standing up, one should not bump into walls or furniture.
Correct Dimensions for a Rectangular Table
The dimensions of a rectangular table are determined based on the number of seats. The width usually ranges from 32” to 39” (80-100cm), while the length depends on the number of people.
The required length of a table for 6 people is therefore 55”(140cm), and for 8 people – 79”(200cm).
Correct Dimensions for the Square Table
Often, the square table is chosen for smaller spaces. For 4 people, it should be at least 35.4” (90cm) per side. If you prefer a larger square table, you can opt for 55”(140cm) per side, providing enough space for 8 people.
Correct Dimensions for the Round Table
Round tables promote socializing, save space, and add a touch of elegance to the surroundings. For 4 people, a table diameter of 31.5” (80cm) is suitable, for 6 people – 47” (120cm), and for 8 people – 59” (150cm).

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