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Example: The ideal table for 8 people has a length of 79 to 94 inches (about 200 to 240cm).
The standard width for a dining table is 31.5 to 47.2 inches (about 80 to 120 cm).
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Possible table dimensions (in cm) based on the number of people:
60 × 60
70 × 70
70 × 70
80 × 80
130 × 130
140 × 140
90 × 90
100 × 100
90 × 60
100 × 70
100 × 80
120 × 80
130 × 80
140 × 80
120 × 90
150 × 80
160 × 80
170 × 90
180 × 90
200 × 90
200 × 100
220 × 100
230 × 100
240 × 100
260 × 100
270 × 100
280 × 120
300 × 120
Ø 60
Ø 70
Ø 80
Ø 100
Ø 115
Ø 120
Ø 160
Ø 180
Optimal table dimensions - which dining table size is right for me?
When choosing a table, it is important to consider the available space and the number of people who will be seated at your dining table. If the room space is .03 We will send you the 3D design project You will receive the 3D design project of your table, which we will create based on the design features you have selected in the previous steps. .04 We will start the production process Here is an example of how your table will look in 3D. Once you confirm the project, we will begin the production process. limited, we recommend an extendable table that can be lengthened when guests visit. When determining the right table length, it is advisable to consider the number of people. As a general guideline, calculate around 23.6” to 27.6” (60 cm to 70 cm) per person, depending on how snug or comfortable you prefer to sit. The rule of thumb is that 25.6 (65 cm) per seat provide optimal freedom of movement.

Just like the table length, the chosen width is also crucial for a suitable table size. For comfortable seating at the head of the table, a width of 27.6” (70 cm) is sufficient. However, this would be a rather narrow table. If people are also to be seated at the head sides of the dining table, the width should be at least 31.5” (80 cm). For tables under 71” (180 cm) in length, the width should not exceed 37.4” (95 cm). For tables starting from 71” (180 cm) in length, a width of 39.4” (100 cm) is recommended, and for tables over 118”(3 meters), a width of 47.2” (120 cm) is ideal. For widths up to approximately 39.4” (100 cm), one person can be seated at each head side, while widths of 47.2” (120 cm) and above comfortably accommodate two people at each head side.

There are also some basic guidelines for table height to ensure comfortable seating. The standard height for our dining tables is 29.5” (75 cm), but it is important to adjust the height according to the seat height of the chairs. The recommended distance between the top surface of the table and the seat surface is about 11.8” (30 cm). If our standard table height is not your optimal table height, we are happy to customize a dining table with a specific height for you.

Enjoy designing your new table. If you have any questions, we are here to assist you!
What is an Epoxy Resin Table?
Step by Step to the Perfect Epoxy Resin Table
An epoxy resin table is a combination of epoxy resin and solid wood. The shapes of the table often follow the natural edge of the wood. The resin is poured into the cracks, holes, and between the solid wood slabs, creating a flowing river-like effect. That’s why these tables are often referred to as Epoxy River Tables in English.

The relatively new trend of Epoxy River Tables originated in the USA but has become extremely popular worldwide in recent times. Epoxy tables have an organic and luxurious appearance, exuding a sense of modernity. The great popularity of Epoxy River Tables is likely due to the endless creative possibilities they offer. These tables are real eye-catchers, creating an exclusive and exotic contrast between the wood and the colored resin.
Creating an epoxy river table is not an easy task and requires specific craftsmanship skills. Additionally, the process of making the table is quite time-consuming.

So, how does one actually build such a furniture piece? The following steps are involved:

1. Wood preparation: It is important to start with dry and clean wood. The wood is cut into the desired shape, removing any bark. Then, the wood is thoroughly sanded, and any cracks or uneven areas are filled with epoxy resin.
2. Creating the epoxy resin table mold: A well-sealed and easily removable mold is essential for pouring the epoxy resin. Once the mold is ready, the prepared wood is placed inside and securely fastened.
3.Pouring the epoxy resin: Epoxy resin and hardener are carefully mixed, and the mixture is then colored if desired. The resin is poured slowly into the mold in multiple layers.
4. Removing the mold: After the epoxy resin has dried, the table top is carefully removed from the mold and further processed.
5. Surface finishing: The table top is sanded, polished, and treated with a hardwax oil. This protects the wood from moisture and dirt while enhancing its natural appearance.
6. Attaching the table legs: Finally, the table legs are mounted. They can be made of wood or metal, depending on preference.
Stable materials for an epoxy resin table
We create sustainable resin tables using natural and sturdy materials. For your epoxy resin table, you can choose high-quality woods such as oak, ash, elm, or beech. Additionally, we craft tables from exotic hardwoods like walnut, chestnut, or olive tree. Each wood species has its own unique color, texture, and grain pattern.

We use non-toxic and premium-grade epoxy resin, which is highly stable and comes with a 10-year warranty against yellowing. The epoxy resin surface is easy to maintain, durable, and visually appealing. The epoxy resin (also known as epoxy, resin, or casting resin) can be colored with any shade. In our range, you will find tables with epoxy resin in black, gray, white, blue, and many more colors.

We offer a variety of designs, materials, and color options for our different table leg models. Our table legs are extremely sturdy and perfectly suited for large and heavy solid wood epoxy resin tabletops. You can choose table legs made of metal or wood. The table legs can be painted in any RAL color of your choice.
Resin table as the centerpiece of your home
In today’s world, tables are among the most essential pieces of furniture. There is hardly a better place for cozy togetherness than a table. It is where conversations take place, meals are shared, drinks are enjoyed, and laughter fills the air. It is where we gather to make decisions together or forge plans for the future. We offer a great selection of different epoxy resin tables to meet your needs:

  • Dining table: A popular gathering spot for family and friends. No other table is as versatile. It is used for dining, drinking, playing, reading, and much more.
  • Kitchen table: Ideal for long and leisurely breakfasts or lunches with the family.
  • Coffee table: A stylish companion for your sofa, providing a perfect surface for snacks, drinks, and remote controls.
  • Office table: A meeting table for group work, offering ample space for multiple participants.
  • Wood countertop: An optimal surface for storage and work, providing an ideal workspace.

Whether you’re looking for a table to gather around for meals, socialize, or work, our epoxy resin tables serve as the heart of your home, combining functionality with beautiful design.
Tables with epoxy resin – 100% made in Italy
We are an established Italian company with many years of experience in handcrafting exceptional solid wood tables with epoxy resin. Our tables are true eye-catchers that bring a touch of nature to your home. Quality is of utmost importance to us, and we exclusively offer tables made from high-quality materials, backed by a 2-year warranty on our products. We have a wide range of options available, and we can also custom-make your favorite table according to your specifications. Whether it’s a large dining table with clear transparent epoxy resin, a cozy kitchen table made of elm wood, or a round epoxy resin coffee table for your living room – we create tables in various shapes, with different table leg models, using different types of wood, all tailored to your individual preferences. Do you already have an idea for your future epoxy resin table, or do you have a picture of a table that would complement your I? Simply reach out to us, and we will bring your dream table to life in the best possible way.
Custom-made solid wood epoxy tables
We create beautiful and sustainable custom-made tables with epoxy resin. Each piece of furniture made from solid wood and epoxy resin is a unique masterpiece. Simply configure your exclusive dream table online, where you can choose the dimensions, colors, wood type, and table legs according to your preferences. You can send us photos of your home interior or its individual elements, and together we will select a suitable table design for you. We will keep you informed at every step of the production process of your future table. Additionally, we will provide you with pictures and videos of the production process to ensure that we execute the order correctly according to your expectations, ensuring your satisfaction. Let us create your table exactly as you envision and enjoy your new piece of furniture from nature.
High-quality products and excellent service – buy the perfect epoxy resin table at a fair price from us
In our online shop, you can conveniently order an epoxy resin table or customize one to your liking and have it delivered to your home. Whether it’s epoxy resin tables for your dining room or kitchen, coffee tables for your living room, or conference tables, you’ll find the best deals at unbeatable prices with us. As we tailor epoxy resin tables to your preferences and dimensions, personalized customer contact is always our top priority. We are here to advise you from the beginning, providing competent advice and creative suggestions.

We also ensure hassle-free delivery, as all tables are shipped fully assembled. With Luxtable, you can bring your dream table to life, and we guarantee you’ll be amazed!
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